Albion Online Guide

You earned yourself some Community Tokens and want to redeem them now? So how can you use your Community Tokens that you earned in Albion Online?

Visit the Vanity Merchant and trade the Community Tokens for different Cosmetic Items!

It’s that simple! If you want to learn more about where to find the Vanity Merchant and what Cosmetic Items you can get for your Community Tokens, then read on.

Albion Online Community Token

To support the growth of the Albion Online community, the game has integrated Twitch Drops, which rewards players for watching Albion Online streams on Twitch. This program not only incentivizes players to watch content creators play the game, but it also supports the creators themselves by increasing their viewership and engagement. Twitch Drops offer a chance to win valuable in-game items, such as mounts, skins, and more, just for tuning into an Albion Online stream. With a dedicated group of content creators, Albion Online is a game that is constantly evolving, and Twitch Drops are just one of the many ways that the game supports its community.

How to earn Community Tokens?

You earn Community Tokens by watching official Albion Online content creators on Twitch.

Earning community tokens in Albion Online is a great way to show your support for the game’s community, as well as gain access to exclusive vanity items. To earn community tokens you have to link your Twitch account to your Albion account and watching official content creators on Twitch . By doing so, players can earn up to 7 Community Reward Chests per week, each of which contains a wide variety of vanity items and unlocks. These unlocks can include existing vanity skins, as well as entirely new exclusive variations that can’t be obtained anywhere else. Additionally, players can salvage these rewards into Community Tokens, which can be spent at the Vanity Merchant in each city. By earning and spending community tokens, players can truly customize their characters and show their support for the Albion Online community.

How to salvage items for Community Tokens?

After you have earned some rewards from Twitch Drops, you have the option to salvage these items into Community Token.

This can be done at the Artifact Foundry at each city.

Salvage of Twitch Drops

It’s important to note that when salvaging items obtained through Twitch drops, you’ll only receive a fraction of the buying cost. Therefore, it’s recommended to only salvage items that you have no use for or are certain that you won’t be needing in the future.

Salvaging valuable items could potentially result in a loss of profit if you decide to repurchase them later. It’s wise to carefully consider each item and its potential value before making a decision to sell or salvage. Additionally, keep in mind that certain items may have a higher salvage value than others, so it’s important to do some research and be familiar with the items you receive through Twitch drops. By being strategic and mindful with your salvaging choices, you can make the most out of the rewards earned through Twitch drops.

Vanity Items in Albion Online

Vanity Items in Albion Online

Vanity items are cosmetic items that do not offer any gameplay advantages, but are purely for aesthetic purposes. In Albion Online, vanity items include mounts, costumes, pets, and other unique items that allow players to personalize their characters and show off their style. While these items do not affect gameplay, they can be a fun way to express yourself and stand out from other players in the game.

Vanity Merchant

The Vanity Merchant is displayed as a “Firework” Icon on the map.

The Vanity Merchant is a special NPC found in every major city in Albion Online. As the name suggests, this merchant specializes in selling vanity items, including mounts, costumes, and other cosmetic items. These items can be purchased with various currencies including Community Tokens.

What makes the Vanity Merchant unique is that they offer a rotating selection of exclusive items that are not available anywhere else in the game. This gives players who are interested in personalizing their characters and standing out from the crowd a great opportunity to do so.

In addition to their exclusive items, the Vanity Merchant also offers a variety of common vanity items that can be found in other parts of the game. This allows players who may have missed out on previous events to still acquire these items and add them to their collection.

Overall, the Vanity Merchant is an important NPC for players who want to customize their characters and show off their style. With a wide range of items available and a rotating selection of exclusive items, the Vanity Merchant is a must-visit for any fashion-conscious player in Albion Online.

Vanity Merchant Bridgewatch

The Vanity Merchants are always close to the other NPCs like the Travel Planner, Island Merchant and so on. In Bridgewatch you can find him directly above the Island Merchant.

Vanity Merchant in Bridgewatch

Vanity Merchant Fort Sterling

In Fort Sterling you can find the Vanity Merchant down the stairs and to the right.

Vanity Merchant in Fort Sterling

Vanity Merchant Lymhurst

In Lymhurst you can find the Vanity Merchant towards north, close to Island Merchant.

Vanity Merchant in Lymhurst

Vanity Merchant Martlock

In Martlock the Vanity Merchant is on the west side of the NPC Area, again close to the Island Merchant.

Vanity Merchant in Martlock

Vanity Merchant Thetford

In Thetford the Vanity Merchant is next to the Auction House entry.

Vanity Merchant in Thetford

Vanity Merchant Caerleon

In Caerleon the Vanity Merchant is in the northern part of the NPC Area.

Vanity Merchant in Caerleon

Items you can get for Community Tokens

When you visit the Vanity Merchant in your City of choice, he sells you a wide range of Cosmetic Items.

Vanity Merchant Community Token

The following table provides more information about the Items he sells for Community Tokens.

Wardrobe Skin: Blue Princess Hat
Wardrobe Skin: Noblewoman’s Jewelry
Wardrobe Skin: Monk’s Hood
Wardrobe Skin: Bridal Veil
Wardrobe Skin: Groom’s Hat
Wardrobe Skin: Bard’s Hat
Wardrobe Skin: Innkeeper’s Hat
Wardrobe Skin: Navigator’s Hat
Wardrobe Skin: Blue Princess Dress
Wardrobe Skin: Noblewoman’s Dress
Wardrobe Skin: Monk’s Robe
Wardrobe Skin: Bridal Dress
Wardrobe Skin: Groom’s Suit
Wardrobe Skin: Bard’s Suit
Wardrobe Skin: Innkeeper’s Shirt
Wardrobe Skin: Navigator’s Coat
Wardrobe Skin: Blue Princess Shoes
Wardrobe Skin: Noblewoman’s Shoes
Wardrobe Skin: Monk’s Sandals
Wardrobe Skin: Bridal Shoes
Wardrobe Skin: Groom’s Shoes
Wardrobe Skin: Bard’s Shoes
Wardrobe Skin: Innkeeper’s Shoes
Wardrobe Skin: Navigator’s Boots
Wardrobe Skin: Groom’s Cape
Wardrobe Skin: The Eggsecutioner
Wardrobe Skin: Monk’s Walking Staff
Wardrobe Skin: Bridal Bouquet
Wardrobe Skin: Wedding Ring
Wardrobe Skin: Innkeeper’s Beer Mug
Wardrobe Skin: Navigator’s Parrot Cage
Riding Horse Skin: Brown Mare
Riding Horse Skin: Keeper Horse
Riding Horse Skin: Nightshade Unicorn
Armored Horse Skin: Expert’s Guild Warhorse
Armored Horse Skin: Master’s Guild Warhorse
Armored Horse Skin: Grandmaster’s Guild Warhorse
Armored Horse Skin: Elder’s Guild Warhorse
Transport Ox Skin: Auction House Ox
Transport Ox Skin: Royal Ox
Transport Ox Skin: Black Market Ox
Wardrobe Skin: Green Princess Hat
Wardrobe Skin: Green Princess Dress
Wardrobe Skin: Green Princess Shoes
Wardrobe Skin: Entertainer’s Mask
Wardrobe Skin: Entertainer’s Costume
Wardrobe Skin: Entertainer’s Shoes
Wardrobe Skin: Sleeping Cap
Wardrobe Skin: Hyena Cape
Swiftclaw Skin: Amethyst Cougar
Stag Skin: Brown Alpaca
Riding Horse Skin: Amethyst Unicorn
Tombstone Victory Emote Charge
Guild Banner Victory Emote Charge
Ghost Victory Emote Charge
Overgrown Victory Emote Charge
Hellgate Victory Emote Charge
Sword Victory Emote Charge
Hammer Victory Emote Charge
Mobile Banner Victory Emote Charge
Desktop Banner Victory Emote Charge
Controller Banner Victory Emote Charge