Albion Online Guide

Albion Online is thankfully not a Pay-To-Win! But the Premium Subscription is highly recommended because it provides many Quality of Life (QoL) features. It will reduce the time you need to spend farming, as it gives increased yields & experience points. Continue reading for all the details!

Brief introduction to Albion Online

Albion Online is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) developed by Sandbox Interactive. Launched in 2017, the game offers an immersive player-driven economy where nearly every item is player-crafted. With a classless ‘you are what you wear’ system, a wide array of weapons, armors, and abilities to choose from, and a vast open world to explore, Albion Online provides a unique and captivating gaming experience.

Players can engage in intense player versus player (PvP) combat, embark on thrilling hunting expeditions, partake in farming and trading, or set out to establish and grow their territories. With its sandbox nature, Albion Online lets you create your adventure and live it your way in the mystical world of Albion.

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Introduction to the concept of the Premium Subscription

To enhance this immersive gaming experience, Albion Online offers a Premium Subscription. This subscription is an optional service that, when active, bestows upon players a variety of additional benefits that can dramatically boost their progress in the game.

The benefits range from increased resource yields to daily bonuses such as Focus and Learning Points. With a Premium Subscription, players can advance faster, cultivate their skills more efficiently, and reap greater rewards. It’s a tool that not only enriches gameplay but also provides a competitive edge in the vibrant world of Albion Online.

Benefits of a Premium Subscription

Benefits of a Premium Subscription

Quick summary of the benefits, we will explain them in more detail in the following chapters.

  • 30 Learning Points per day
  • +50% Fame
  • +50% Gathering yield
  • +100% Farm animal growth rate
  • 10,000 Focus Points per day
  • +50% Silver and loot from mobs
  • +100% Crop yield
  • 50% Reduced market tax

Explanation of Focus Points and their Advantages

Focus Points are a unique feature offered with the Premium Subscription. They are earned daily and provide significant advantages in various aspects of the game. The primary use of Focus Points is to enhance the efficiency of crafting, refining, and farming operations.

For instance, when crafting an item or refining a resource with Focus Points, not only is the material return rate increased, but the chances of producing higher quality items are also improved. Similarly, when used in farming farming, Focus Points can boost crop yields and increase animal offspring. This makes Focus Points a powerful tool for gaining an edge in Albion’s player-driven economy.

Learning Point Boosts

Another key benefit of the Premium Subscription is the access to Learning Points. These points serve to accelerate the mastery of different skills in the game, thus facilitating faster character progression.

Learning Points can be used to gain progress towards leveling up combat, crafting, gathering, and farming skills. This effectively reduces the time and effort required to master these skills, thereby giving Premium players a significant advantage over free players.

Increased Gathering Yield

For players engaged in resource gathering, the Premium Subscription provides an impressive boost. Premium players receive a 50% bonus to their gathering yield, meaning they collect 50% more resources from each gathering action.

This increased yield not only accelerates the pace at which players can gather resources but also significantly impacts the player’s income, as these resources can be sold on the market for silver.

Increased Silver and Loot from Mobs

Fighting mobs is a common activity in Albion Online, often undertaken for silver and loot. With a Premium Subscription, the rewards for this activity are significantly amplified.

Premium players enjoy a 50% bonus on silver and loot dropped by mobs. This increased drop rate can provide a substantial boost to a player’s wealth over time, making the battles against mobs even more rewarding.

Additional Benefits such as Farm and Personal Island Usage

The advantages of a Premium Subscription extend beyond the activities of crafting, gathering, and fighting. It also provides players with the ability to own and maintain personal islands.

Personal islands can be purchased in any of the major cities of Albion and offer players a private space to build homes, farms, and crafting stations. Farms, in particular, can provide a steady income of resources and food items when properly managed.

How to Obtain a Premium Subscription

How to Obtain a Premium Subscription

One of the great things about Albion Online is the flexibility it provides for acquiring a Premium Subscription. In addition to real-world currency, players can also opt to purchase the subscription using in-game currency.

Purchasing with in-game currency

Albion Online uses Silver and Gold as its in-game currencies. While Silver is typically earned through various in-game activities like gathering, crafting, and killing mobs, Gold can be bought with real-world money or traded for Silver in the market. The ability to purchase a Premium Subscription with Silver means that dedicated players can enjoy all the benefits of premium status just by actively participating in the game.

Purchasing with real-world currency

For players who prefer a more straightforward method, the Premium Subscription can also be purchased directly using real-world money. This can be done through the official Albion Online website or the in-game store. The process is simple, secure, and grants immediate access to all the benefits that come with the subscription.

The prices depends on your location, the following table shows the offical $ USD prices.

Duration Price Price Month
7 Days US$4.95 US$21.21
30 Days US$14.95 US$14.95
90 Days US$41.85 US$13.95
180 Days US$77.70 US$12.95
360 Days US$143.40 US$11.95

Comparing Free Play and Premium Subscription

Comparing Free Play and Premium Subscription

Differences in gameplay and experience

The gameplay experience between free players and Premium Subscription members in Albion Online can be noticeably different. While the game is fully accessible and enjoyable as a free player, the additional benefits conferred by a Premium Subscription can significantly enhance the gameplay experience.

Premium players can advance more quickly due to the boosted gathering yields, increased silver and loot drops, and Learning Points, which accelerates skill progression. Furthermore, the daily Focus Points allow for more efficient crafting, refining, and farming operations, giving Premium players a competitive edge in the player-driven economy.

Potential limitations for free players

While Albion Online is a free-to-play game that offers a rich and immersive experience to all its players, there are certain limitations for those who opt not to purchase a Premium Subscription.

The biggest limitation is likely the slower progression. Without the bonuses to gathering yields and skill progression offered by the Premium Subscription, free players might find it takes them longer to advance and achieve their in-game goals. Similarly, without the daily Focus Points, crafting, refining, and farming activities may be less efficient, which can impact a free player’s potential income.

Cost-benefit analysis

When evaluating the cost-benefit of a Premium Subscription, one must consider the value of the time saved and the increase in in-game profits. The subscription price, whether paid in real-world currency or in-game Gold, can be quickly offset by the amplified resource gathering, boosted loot drops, and improved crafting and farming efficiencies.

In essence, the Premium Subscription provides a faster, more rewarding gaming experience that could translate to higher in-game earnings. For players who spend a considerable amount of time in Albion Online and wish to progress more quickly or maximize their in-game income, the cost of the subscription could very well be a worthwhile investment.

Tips for Maximizing the Premium Subscription

Tips for Maximizing the Premium Subscription

Best practices for using Focus Points

Focus Points in Albion Online are a valuable resource, and using them efficiently is crucial. Here are some tips:

  • Specialize: The more you specialize in crafting a specific type of item, the less Focus it costs. Choose a niche and stick to it for maximum Focus efficiency.
  • *Craft High-Tier Items: High-tier items generally provide a better return on Focus Points, so it’s worth crafting these when possible.
  • *Check Market Prices: Use Focus on crafting or refining items that are high in demand and have favorable market prices.

How to get the most out of your Learning Points

Learning Points can help you progress faster in your chosen abilities. Here are a few strategies for maximizing their impact:

  • *Focus on Key Skills: Concentrate on a few key skills to level up rather than spreading your Learning Points across multiple areas.
  • *Use Learning Points Wisely: It’s often best to use Learning Points to finish off the last 20% of each skill level, as this is the most time-consuming part to complete through normal play.

Strategic gathering and farming advice

Effective gathering and farming can significantly boost your resources. Here’s some advice:

  • *Gather Based on Gear: Choose the resource type that matches your gear to gain a yield bonus.
  • *Farm Regularly: Farming is a long-term game. Regularly tending to your crops and animals can provide a steady income over time.
  • *Use Focus on Farming: Using Focus Points when planting crops or raising animals can drastically increase your yield, making farming more profitable.



Recap of the importance and benefits of a Premium Subscription in Albion Online

In conclusion, a Premium Subscription in Albion Online offers a plethora of advantages that greatly enhance the gameplay experience. The bonus to resource gathering yields, increased silver and loot drops, and the daily allotment of Focus and Learning Points can expedite your progression in Albion’s immersive, player-driven world.

Having the ability to farm on personal islands, the additional storage from the doubled bank tab, and other various benefits all contribute to making the Premium Subscription a valuable asset for any Albion player. While the game remains enjoyable as a free-to-play experience, a Premium Subscription can undeniably offer a more streamlined and rewarding journey through the lands of Albion.

Encouragement for readers to explore the Premium Subscription

If you’re intrigued by the potential of a Premium Subscription, we encourage you to explore it further. Consider the enhanced gameplay experience, the time-saving aspects, and the increased earning potential it offers. Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or a newcomer to Albion Online, the Premium Subscription can significantly enhance your in-game experience and progress.

Remember, Albion Online’s flexibility allows you to purchase the subscription either with in-game currency or real-world money, and options for various subscription durations cater to every player’s needs and preferences. So why not give it a try and unlock the full potential of your Albion Online experience?

Is Premium worth it?

The question of whether a Premium Subscription in Albion Online is worth it ultimately comes down to your playstyle, goals, and the amount of time you plan to spend in the game.

If you’re a casual player who only logs in occasionally, you may find that the base game offers plenty of content and enjoyment without needing a subscription. However, if you plan to spend a significant amount of time playing, especially if you’re interested in gathering, crafting, farming, or leveling up your skills efficiently, then a Premium Subscription could be a valuable investment.

For players who are deeply invested in the game’s economy, the increased resource yield, enhanced crafting efficiency from Focus Points, and accelerated skill progression from Learning Points could make a significant difference in your in-game profits and progression speed. This could potentially make the subscription pay for itself, especially if you are purchasing it with in-game currency.

Ultimately, the decision comes down to personal preference and playstyle. But for many dedicated Albion Online players, the benefits of a Premium Subscription are considered well worth the cost.