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As the Albion East expansion has attracted an unprecedented number of players , our team has been diligently working on the upcoming major update, dubbed Knightfall. In this Developer Discussion, Game Director Robin Henkys presents some of the enhancements and additions that this update will bring.

The Mists: Fresh Additions

The Mists will see the introduction of three new gameplay elements:

  • Caches: a unique type of chest located in Mob Camps, offering individual rewards for each player who achieves the objective
  • Coffers: akin to open-world treasures but only disclose their position to nearby players
  • Knightfall Abbey: a novel dungeon category within the Mists, to be discussed in a future Developer Discussion

New caches & coffers

Roads of Avalon: Updates and Refinements

Several modifications have been applied to the Roads of Avalon:

  • Elite Camps: Adjusted difficulty and rewards for 5-7 player groups
  • Return trip cost from Brecilien to the Roads slashed by half
  • Increased off-road pathways and wandering Mobs
  • New advancement tiers for Avalonian Mages and Archers
  • Hideouts can be designated as Headquarters without a booster
  • Power Cores within the Roads primarily focused on Raid regions

Roads of Avalon update

New Merchandise

A novel trader, Eralia Wayfarer, is now located in Brecilien. Based on your Brecilien Standing, you can acquire various items:

  • Components for Brecilien Capes, featuring a Mists-themed design and protective shield capability
  • Eggs to nurture Mystic Owls or Elite Mystic Owls:
    • Offer reduced carrying capacity but exceptional speed
    • Elite Mystic Owls possess a Glide function, enabling temporary flight and invulnerability
  • Wanderer in the Mists Avatar and Avatar Ring dedicated to Mists veterans


At the Energy Manipulator, you can also purchase components for Avalonian Capes, which possess a damage-reducing energy blast feature.

Quality-of-Life Enhancements

This update also includes several substantial quality-of-life upgrades:

  • ‘Travel Mode’ display choice: a semi-transparent Region Map superimposed on the screen
  • Item repair is now available at the Marketplace
  • Character gender can be altered for Gold
  • Directional movement can be assigned to hotkeys (e.g., WASD)
  • …and much more

Overlay map

In addition to these updates, Knightfall introduces a multitude of combat balance alterations to revitalize the meta.

The update is currently being tested, and we eagerly anticipate your input on these new elements. Stay tuned for another Developer Discussion, where we’ll delve into the new Mists dungeon: Knightfall Abbey.

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